Founder and Creative Director of Colloquial Collective, Glenn Mottershead has a passion for community led connectivity and storytelling through supporting digital and social communications, campaigns and stakeholder engagement projects using bespoke methods, tools, social media, video and photography.


His area of expertise is using qualitative market research techniques coupled with creative multi-media skills to capture and articulate insights from individuals, local communities and hard-to-reach social groups.

With a master’s degree in Photography and Urban Cultures, and being an assoicate of the Centre for Urban and Community Research at Goldsmiths, Glenn has developed a truly creative approach in representing urban issues. His work has focused on an array of topics including regeneration, pocket parks, housing, corporate social responsibility, community cohesion and consumer-led insights for major brands – all presented in a visually engaging way with a compelling narrative.

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We use professional technology to meet our high-end production values.


Glenn has extensive experience in communications, building his rich, visual content into broader media and digital campaigns. He has worked with clients including the BBC, City of London, ITV, Discovery Channel, Ipsos MORI, Lewisham Council and the London School of Economics. Glenn also enjoys working with smaller organisations such as: Hackney Co-operative Developments, Bankside Open Spaces Trust and Brockley Society.

Glenn works between paid commissions and investing his free time enhancing his continual professional development; such as attending: talks, lectures, workshops and events relating to society and city.

Colloquial Collective focuses on marketing, branding and communicating, with a focus on communities, cultures, diversity, the global, and regeneration. All captured using journalistic, sociological, ethnographical and geographical approaches and tools.